Industry Organizations

Standardization, Industry Leadership, and Interoperability

From the moment Softil was founded (as Radvision Technology Business Unit), open international standards were the foundation of Softil’s business. Softil always played an active role in development of open standards in the SDOs (Standard Defining Organizations) such as ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union , IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) and others.

Currently, Softil is closely involved in the development of Mission Critical Communications standards for mobile broadband networks, taking place in 3GPP.

While open standards often carry the promise to revolutionize the field they are applied to, very significant effort is required to make open standards adopted and implemented.

Softil understands the importance of adoption and promotion of open standards and invests substantial time and effort, and leading the industry and joining forces with other companies to educate the market and advocate for joint multi-company efforts and technology interests in implementation and adoption of the open standards. Industry consortiums and forums offer the best vehicle to achieve these important goals. With the current focus on Mission Critical Communications, Softil is a member of PSTA (Public Safety technology Alliance), TCCA (The Critical Communications Association), and iCERT (Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies). Softil leads industry by example, as an active member of EAC (Executive Advisory Committee) and is an active participant in all of the working groups at PSTA, chairing the Events subcommittee at the Marketing Committee at iCERT, and actively participating in the Data Integration initiative at iCERT.

Interoperability and interoperability testing are key factors in the success of open standard based technologies. Interoperability is part of Softil’s DNA, starting from the early days of Radvision which was one of the first companies to join IMTC (International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium, now merged with MEF), where Softil held numerous leadership positions including President of the Board of Directors for 11 years and Chairman of the IMS activity Group. Softil engineers have participated throughout the years in hundreds of the interoperability testing events such as IMTC InterOps and SuperOps, SIP Forum SIPit and SIMPLEit, IMS Forum Plugfests, ETSI/TISPAN Plugtests and now ETSI MCX Plugtests.