Protocol Stacks & Frameworks

Voice and Video over IP (V2oIP) with its vast range of developer solutions

Softil pioneered the introduction of Voice and Video over IP (V2oIP) with its vast range of developer solutions combining its unique expertise in signaling and multimedia. Since its inception, Softil continues to play a leading role in the industry-leading standardization bodies and interoperability committees. Softil developer tools are used by over 800 customers worldwide and power the majority of today’s IP telecom deployments.

SIP Developer Suite

The award-winning SIP Developer Suite is a powerful and highly versatile set of tools to dramatically accelerate SIP application development.

IMS Developer Suite

The IMS is the foundation for modern telecommunications. Softil provides a full set of tools developers need to build full range of IMS solutions, from devices to IMS core network servers and gateways.

WebRTC Interconnect Solution

Softil WebRTC Interconnect Solution was created specifically to address the need to connect WebRTC clients to the enterprise communication solutions which are largely SIP-based. It utilizes best-of-breed protocol stacks and extends them to support required WebRTC transport and media capabilities.

Protocol Stacks

Softil’s award-winning Protocol Stacks (SDKs) are the core technology behind rich media applications and products.