Protocol Stacks

Softil’s award-winning Protocol Tools are the core technology behind rich media applications and products. With rich sets of APIs, these tools simplify development of all types of VoIP and Mobile (3G/4G/LTE) multimedia applications and services. Being core IP-based, each signaling Protocol ToolKit is kept up-to-date with the latest industry standards and thoroughly tested for interoperability with leading OEMs, and support for single or multiple protocols.

  • SIP Developer Suite

    The award-winning SIP Developer Suite is a powerful and highly versatile set of tools to dramatically accelerate development of SIP applications.

  • ICE NAT Traversal Stack

    Softil offers a complete ICE NAT traversal solution for developers that is compliant with the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE).

  • STUN NAT Traversal Stack

    Softil’s STUN NAT Traversal Stack is an IETF standards-based STUN solution that comprises the latest NAT-related solutions available today.

  • IMS-SIP Stack

    The IMS SIP Stack is a powerful and highly versatile set of tools to facilitate development of IMS SIP applications while reducing time and costs.

  • IMS Diameter Stack

    An extensible messaging protocol enabling Authentication, Authorization and Accounting within and across IP multimedia networks.

  • 3G-324M Stack

    The 3G-324M Stack includes a set of APIs for developing multimedia communication solutions for 3G UMTS, TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000 networks.

  • Advanced RTP/RTCP Stack

    Addresses the requirements of sending media over IP networks in and efficient and advanced manner.

  • MEGACO/H.248 Stack

    Designed for decomposed gateway architectures for developing Media Gateways or Media Gateway Controller applications.

  • MGCP Stack

    Addresses requirements of production IP telephony networks that are built using decomposed gateways.

  • H.323 Protocol Stack

    The award-winning, Softil H.323 Protocol Stack implements all mandatory H.323 features and offers extensive optional capabilities.

  • SIP Server Platform

    The SIP Server Platform is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides all the necessary building blocks required to develop SIP Server applications.

Formerly Radvision Protocol Stacks, or Protocol SDKs