MEGACO/H.248 Toolkit

Designed for decomposed gateway architectures

Softil’s Advanced RTP/RTCP (Real-Time Transport Protocol/Real-Time Transport Control Protocol) Stack provides enhanced media transport functionality, including support for IMS, security and IPv6. The Advanced RTP/RTCP stack seamlessly scales from small, embedded platforms up to densely populated parallel processing environments.

Formerly Radvision Advanced RTP RTCP ToolKit, or A-RTP


High-performance / small footprint

3GPP and TISPAN IMS-compliant

Highly scalable

Part of the Softil protocol stack family for seamless integration with all Softil's protocol stacks, including SIP, DIAMETER, RTSP, and RTP

The MEGACO/H.248 Toolkit is used to develop:

  • Access/Trunking gateways
  • Residential gateways
  • IMS BGFs
  • IM-MGWs
    Softswitches/Call Agents


As a driving force behind evolving technologies for IP-centric communications, Softil delivers the broadest and most complete set of V2oIP enabling technologies for real-time voice and video over IP. Softil’s MEGACO/H.248 stack supports interactive multimedia communication using decomposed gateway architectures. The MEGACO/H.248 stack is fully IMS 3GPP, WiMAX and TISPAN-compliant and is the ideal solution for developing IMS MEGACO network elements. The MEGACO/H.248 Toolkit is part of the Softil IMS Express™—The Complete IMS Development Suite.

All Softil products and solutions overcome complex interoperability issues between disparate networks, protocols and devices.

The MEGACO/H.248 has been thoroughly tested for full interoperability with other clients and servers.
The MEGACO/H.248 stack is based on Softil’s Common Core, an operating system abstraction layer specifically optimized for communication protocols and embedded platforms. This ensures easy portability of developed products between platforms and operating systems, including those not directly supported by Softil.


  • Full source code
  • Complete source code sample application
  • Full documentation, programmer’s guide and reference guide
  • Porting guide (for unsupported operating systems)
  • Training
  • Version upgrades
  • Professional customer support
  • Turnkey solutions (upon request)
  • Porting devices (upon request)
  • Conference Bridges
  • Vmail Servers
  • Call Centers

Softil IMS MEGACO/H.248 Toolkit Datasheet

Advanced building blocks for developing IMS-compliant products.