STUN NAT Traversal Stack

Simple Traversal Underneath NAT

Softil NAT Traversal Toolkit is a STUN (Simple Traversal Underneath NAT) developer solution for STUN Clients and Servers that complies with IETF Standard RFC 5389. The Toolkit enables support for both existing STUN servers, as well as those under development, and serves as a foundation for ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment), which is based on the updated STUN standard.

Key highlights

Compliancy to RFC 5389

Enables development of STUN clients and servers compliant with current STUN servers and ready for future generations of STUN, which are mandatory for ICE.

Part of the Softil protocol stack family

For seamless integration with all Softil’s protocol stacks, including SIP, MEGACO, DIAMETER, RTSP, and RTP.

Softil STUN NAT Traversal Toolkit Data Sheet