MGCP Stack

Softil’s MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) Toolkit is designed to address requirements of production IP telephony networks that are built using decomposed gateways.

The MGCP Toolkit implements both the MG and MGC sides of the MGCP Protocol. The MGCP Toolkit seamlessly scales from small-embedded platforms to densely populated parallel processing environments.
Softil’s MGCP Toolkit is based on the IETF MGCP specification and supports the PacketCable™ NCS and TGCP profiles. The MGCP Toolkit contains the three main components: MGCP Stack, SDP Parser/Encoder, and RTP/RTCP Stack.

The MGCP Toolkit is essential for developing access/trunking gateways, residential gateways, softswitches/call agents, IP-PBXs, IP phones, set-top boxes, media controllers, media servers, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), announcement servers, conference bridges, V-mail servers, call centers, and more.

Formerly Radvision MGCP Stack


  • High-performance
  • Small footprint
  • Object-oriented Design/ANSI C
  • Thread-Safe
  • Proven interoperability
  • Multi-threaded—highly scalable across tightly coupled parallel processors
  • Blocking and non-blocking operation
  • Supports multiple stack instances per process space
  • IPv4 and IPv6 network support
  • Comprehensive Failover support via DNS
  • Supports both MG and MGC applications
  • Helper functions for PacketCableTM NCS and TGCP profiles
  • Standard packages support
  • Extensible package mechanism
  • “Canned” message facility for Fast Message Generation
    Endpoint manager
  • Message-less application interface
  • All standard packages
  • Additional Proprietary Packages (events, signals, etc.) of Arbitrary Complexity
  • Semantic Level Processing on the MG Including: Quarantine Handling, Wildcard Matching, Digitmap Processing, Automatic Audit Processing, Signal Scheduling, Event Filtering, Triggering and Buffering, Codec Negotiation
  • Fully-functional sample MG and MGC
  • Soft Analog Phone Simulator
  • Extensive statistics
  • Instrumented for SNMP
  • Extensive online documentation

Softil MGCP Toolkit Data Sheet