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Let me start with a question – does the name RADVISION ring a bell to you? If you have been developing Voice or Video over IP applications for a while, I’m sure that you are quite familiar with its enabling technologies, also known as “building blocks for the developers”, toolkits, SDKs, libraries, or middleware.

Softil continues offering all of the products which are helping millions of customers to make their daily calls using Voice and Video over LTE on their mobile phones. These are the same products which are helping hundreds of millions of customers to communicate today over audio and video over IP, whether the underlying technology would be SIP, H.323, MEGACO or 3G-324M; manage communications in the IMS networks using technologies such as Diameter; traverse firewalls and NATs using ICE, STUN and TURN. What is important is that our portfolio of enabling products continues to evolve, helping developers now to extend their applications to support WebRTC and 3GPP MCPTT standard compliant Mission Critical Communications, and then going all the way into the new and important areas such as M2M and IoT.

The picture below offers a good view into the product portfolio which is now offered by the Softil:

Starting with this post, we would like to get you, the developer, reacquainted with our portfolio of enabling technologies. Whether you are developing the next generation of audio and video clients, an infrastructure and equipment for IP and IMS communications, WebRTC connectivity or M2M/IoT solutions, we have the right enabling technologies for you to improve time to market and build best-of-breed solutions without worrying about little details – and we will talk about those enabling technologies in the series of posts.

The great thing about a blog is an opportunity to have a dialog. If you have any questions, or simply want to reach out and say “hi” – please don’t hesitate to do so, as we would love to hear from you.

To be continued…


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