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Softil Walks the MCX Interoperability Talk at IWCE 2023

Softil’s Director of Products and Standards, Anatoli Levine, takes to the IWCE podium and will stress that interoperability of MCX solutions is key to developing a competitive market and driving strong economic gain

The world’s leading enabler of mission-critical communications systems and solutions, Softil, today announces that its Director of Products and Standards, Anatoli Levine, will address delegates attending the upcoming IWCE 2023 Conference and Exhibition on interoperability issues concerning future MCX solutions.

IWCE is being staged in Las Vegas (NV) from March 27-30, 2023 and is expected to be attended by many thousands of visitors from the global critical communications industries. Softil will deliver its paper at the conference on March 28 and will also exhibit on booth #1867 from March 29-30.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Levine will first remind attendees that “there is no place for system silos in the mission-critical communications revolution.” He will also state that “only 3GPP fully-tested, standards-based, interoperable systems will be the key to unlocking the full potential of wireless broadband in the public safety market which analysts MarketsandMarkets see reaching $69.6 billion by 2026.”

Ubiquitous and powerful LTE and 5G mobile broadband networks have brought about a new communication paradigm for users of mission-critical communications systems and products in public safety, utilities, and transportation.

“Having a powerful and resilient network is not enough to ensure the effectiveness of mission-critical communications where lives can be at stake. Mobile broadband enables an unlimited number of applications to offer services to end-users. However, the power of such offerings lies in ensuring interoperability of both communications and data flows among all users and applications. Open standards, such as MCX/MCPTX, are the foundation of the service delivery to all mission-critical communications users,” adds Mr. Levine.

Mr. Levine will also look at factors affecting interoperability of all mission-critical communication service elements from a baseline such as LMR gateways, CAD, Dispatch, recording, situational awareness applications to the network-to -network interoperability, MCX to NG911 and more.

Mr. Levine will also participate in another IWCE 2023 panel session in March 28 entitled “Public-Safety Broadband Around the World.”  Other panelists include  Kevin Graham, CEO  of The Critical Communications Association (TCCA), Peter Clemons,  Global Head, Critical Communications at ENENSYS Technologies, and Ildefonso De La Cruz, Principal  Analyst, Government & Manufacturing Critical Communications at Omdia.

About Softil’s BEEHD/MCPTX technology

Softil’s BEEHD is a 3GPP MCX Release 17 standard-compliant cross-platform framework (SDK) designed for developers and manufacturers of handheld and ruggedized devices, MCX/LMR gateways, dispatch consoles, recording solutions and train/metro communication equipment. BEEHD technology is also destined for system integrators, MCX application developers and service providers looking to accelerate the development of IP-based mission-critical voice and video over LTE and 5G (MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData) solutions for first responders, utilities, mining, transportation and more. BEEHD offers market-proven interoperability with all major MCX systems deployed around the world.


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