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Softil Technology Predictions 2022

This is now a tradition for us at Softil to get into the basement, or sometimes, the lower drawer of the desk, fetch the crystal ball, dust it off, and look carefully into it – what the future will hold?

This year, we would like to point out the ongoing trends, such as cloud computing, which is utilized in more and more areas; AI, continuing its meticulous advance; cryptocurrencies, multiplying at the neck-breaking speed – none of these are new, but none of these are anywhere done in its evolution.

And then there up and coming technologies – 6G, Web3, NFTs are not the talk of the town yet – but they are coming, and you better start paying attention.

Curios enough? Read the whole story here: Crypto, MCX, Web3, 6G: 2022 Will Not Be Dull by Any Means



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