Extending the reach of unified communications with WebRTC – White paper

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Better customer service and easier business communications

Google’s WebRTC project, launched in 2011, created a media stack that can be built-in to a browser so that anyone can place a voice or video call from within that browser without needing to download any additional software.

Today, WebRTC technology is standardized in the W3C and IETF and software vendors are able to implement support for WebRTC within their UC products to better address several pain points for their business and public sector customers.

This white paper gives examples of how WebRTC can help overcome these pain points. It describes how, by adding support for WebRTC to their unified communication (UC) products, software vendors can help their business customers deliver better service while collaborating more efficiently. It also covers:

  • The use cases for adding WebRTC calling to UC products
  • The WebRTC stack
  • Options for implementing WebRTC functionality

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