M2M Software Development in an Evolving Field – White paper

Platforms for Interoperability and Growth in the M2M Ecosystem

Interest in M2M and the IoT is growing rapidly. Businesses, public sector bodies and even consumers are becoming aware of the benefits that these technologies enable, specifically in providing more control over and information about their surrounding environments – whether that is through home control and automation, traffic/parking management or in industrial production.

M2M and the IoT represent a major opportunity for application developers, service providers, equipment vendors and systems integrators. Although estimates on the potential size of the market vary, all agree it is a multi-billion dollar opportunity,

This white paper introduces several important consortia that are developing platforms to help software developers create new, innovative applications for M2M/IoT deployments. Our aim is to help developers understand the emerging standards landscape in this very fast moving technology area, so that they can make informed decisions about which standards to adopt.

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