Transitioning from LMR to the Public Safety Broadband

First responders currently rely upon Land Mobile Radio (LMR) analog and digital radios to communicate in the field. Radios offer familiar simplicity and reliability when it comes to emergency communications. While MCX technologies offer much greater capabilities, enriching traditionally voice push to talk communications with video, message chat and file exchange, the transition from radio communications to MCX communications will not be instantaneous.

As with any new technology, it will require time for first responders to migrate to MCX technologies. Switching to MCX also requires investments by first responder organizations. A transitional bridge between LMR and MCX allows first responders to start using new MCX technologies gradually without abandoning previous investments.

This case study takes an in-depth look at development of LMR to LTE gateway which is a critical element of transition from LMR communications to the Mission Critical Communications powered by Public Safety Broadband Network.

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