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Leading Mission-Critical Communications Enabler Softil Appoints Akio Ogiso as Japan’s Business Development Director

 Tokyo-based executive tasked with further developing Softil’s business in Japan; Ogiso will host a webinar in Spring 2021 for Japan’s industry executives

Continuing its long-term leadership position in serving the IP communications and emerging mission-critical communications (MCC or MCX) markets, Softil today announces the appointment of Akio Ogiso as Japan’s business development director.

“Akio Ogiso has the proven background and credentials to ensure that Softil’s IP communications products and its MCX-enabling BEEHD technology are at the heart of future communications systems in Japan and in Japanese vendors’ offerings to world markets,” says Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO.

A graduate from the Science University of Tokyo, Ogiso has held several key management roles over the years with leading telecommunications companies. From 1990-2003, he was managing director of AT&T/Lucent Technologies businesses for the Japanese market, and then senior vice-president of Orckit Communications from 2003-2011 responsible for business development in the APAC region. Since 2011, Ogiso has provided business consultation and support to several prominent companies.

Softil started serving the Japanese market over 24 years ago and its enabling technologies are well-known to Japanese telecom corporations and are embedded in a plethora of products developed over the years. Today’s IP communications solutions of Fujitsu, Hitachi, Iwatsu, NTT, Panasonic and Sony are all examples of long-term partnerships with Softil.

Softil’s 3GPP Rel 16 standard compliant BEEHD Framework helps developers to roll out mission-critical solutions in the shortest timeframe and at minimal development cost across all business segments.

In public services, first responders from blue-light emergency agencies (police, ambulance and fire fighters) are using Softil-enabled smart communications solutions of many major vendors to better interact and share data and images in real-time.

In rail networks, Softil’s technology is being used to develop next generation communications systems with drivers of high-speed trains, as well as metro lines, in the sure knowledge that BEEHD is compatible with the coming global standard for railway communications … the Future Railway Mobile Communications System (FRMCS).

With the strengthening of Softil’s presence in Japan, more Japanese communications solution vendors will be able to utilize Softil’s technology as part of their product roadmap and enjoy local expert support in their development cycle.

… other MCC news:Capita and Tokyo webinar

In separate news from Softil, the UK’s leading MCC provider to emergency services Capita announced that it is leveraging Softil’s BEEHD technology to develop next-generation MCX control rooms for the UK’s Home Office ESN. This represents a critical milestone in Capita delivering broadband services for first responders.

Softil also announces that it will be staging a webinar in Spring 2021 hosted by Ogiso-san for Japanese industry executives on the theme “5G Mobile Broadband Revolution in Mission Critical Communications.”


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