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Sonim, Softil Collaborate to Launch the World’s Most Rugged Range of LTE Devices for Mission-Critical First Responders

New range of mission-critical communication devices being showcased at IWCE as part of a demonstration how off-the-shelf data-enriching LTE devices can be used in mission-critical services such as FirstNet.

ORLANDO, FL—March 7, 2018—Two world leaders in mission-critical (MC) communications, Sonim Technologies and Softil, today jointly announce that they have combined their technologies enabling Sonim to roll out the world’s most rugged range of next generation LTE devices for first responders.

These workforce-critical communication devices will have wide applications in vertical industries including construction, security guarding, oil, gas and chemical operations, utilities, transportation and logistics, forestry, agriculture and defense.

“Softil is delighted to partner with Sonim integrating our BEEHD software development  kit (SDK) to power the new range of rugged LTE handheld devices,” says Sagi Subocki, Softil’s Vice President, Products and Marketing. “With these next-generation devices, first responders such as fire fighters and emergency services will be able to use key smartphone features such as presence, video calling, video streaming, data sharing, location services all integrated into a single device to work faster, better and more efficiently.”

The new range of Sonim LTE devices was first demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, and it will be used on Softil’s booth (#2577) throughout the upcoming IWCE event in Orlando, FL.,  as part of a demonstration how an end-to-end MC communication service such as that of FirstNet can be cost-effectively set up using off-the-shelf ruggedized handsets running MC first responder applications powered by Softil’s BEEHD client framework.

“Sonim partners with industry leading firms to harness their technologies and produce the most feature-rich and durable devices possible to help governments and businesses keep their field workforces safe, efficient and accountable,” said Robert Escalle, Vice President, Public Safety Market Segment at Sonim Technologies. “By embedding Softil’s BEEHD client solution into a new range of rugged LTE devices, we’ve done just that.”

The live demonstration will use the mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) servers of Softil and Sonim partner, Nemergent Solutions, which support all of the 3GPP Release 13 requirements as well as advanced functionality defined in 3GPP release 14, allowing group, configuration and identity management for the MC clients such as the one enabled by Softil’s BEEHD. This server stack, developed under the NIST Public Safety Innovation Acceleration Program (PSIAP) with the support by Sonim, is one the most advanced 3GPP-compliant suites presently used and future-compatible with FirstNet.

“Nemergent is proud to be the leading supplier for the core MC infrastructure implementations, working together with our partners to enable developers and early adapters around the world to deliver best-in-class mission critical communication solutions,” stresses Jose Oscar Fajardo, Nemergent CEO.

Integrating Softil BEEHD on the mission critical service-ready Sonim ruggedized handsets, supported by the power of LTE-enabled mission critical infrastructure such as the one offered by Nemergent, offers a glimpse of possibilities of creating the new breed of applications for First Responders with capabilities such as mission critical video (MCVideo), data, location, map and file sharing, which completely changes the way first responders operate and help save lives.

About Softil

Softil’s is today’s de-facto IP communications leader and enabler for more than 800 corporations across the globe. Its technological achievements include the pioneering of Voice and Video over IP with a wide range of embedded technologies and testing solutions, combining our unique expertise in standards-based signalling, multimedia and IMS. Softil’s award-winning suite of Protocol Stacks, including IMS, Diameter, SIP and H.323, as well as its state-of-the-art BEEHD client framework, provide the core technology behind the rich media applications and products of today’s Enterprise, IMS/VoLTE, and Mission Critical communications industry, greatly simplifies their development, and ensures earliest time-to-market. For further information, visit

About Sonim Technologies
Sonim Technologies is the only US manufacturer of mission-critical smart phone based solutions designed specifically for workers in extreme, hazardous and isolated environments. The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged mobile phones, business-process applications, and a suite of industrial-grade accessories, collectively designed to increase worker productivity, accountability, and safety on the job site. Sonim’s industry-leading, 3-year comprehensive warranty has redefined customer expectations of rugged technology. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., and offers its products with mobile operators around the world.

About Nemergent Solutions

Nemergent Solutions SL has significant expertise in designing and prototyping novel Public Safety solutions over mobile broadband technologies, with an agile development team with vast experience in Internet technologies. Nemergent’s portfolio includes a complete and fully standard MCPTT ecosystem made up of early implementations concerning MCPTT Application Servers (AS) and MCPTT management servers. The server-side components are designed as NFV components, fostering agile and flexible deployments. The innovation-driven nature of the company promotes the establishment of research links with different UE, IMS and EPC leading companies. For further information, visit


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