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Valid8 Verifies Test Case Conformance for MCVideo and MCData with Softil’s BEEHD MCX SDK Client Framework

Softil BEEHD Client Software is used with’s Enhanced Test Suite to Ensure 3GPP MCX Standards Compliance, Inc., the leading provider of test and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks, and Softil, the world’s leading mission-critical communications enabler, today announced the successful verification of MCVideo and MCData test scenarios with Softil’s BEEHD MCX SDK client, using’s MCX Conformance tester product.

Having a trusted MCX testing solution to verify compliance with standards is becoming crucial for device manufacturers.  Adoption of broadband mission-critical communications solutions is increasing in the telecommunication market. Many mission-critical (MCX) solutions are already in use, and many others are in pre-deployment stages across global markets such as the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.’s Support for MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData Testing’s ability to support MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData testing of devices from various manufacturers helps ensure technology and device manufacturers can perform comprehensive testing of their technologies, giving mission-critical users peace of mind that they are receiving a fully tested, reliable and comprehensive solution. This allows first-responders to focus on their life-saving work without concerns about the technology being used. will be demonstrating these solutions at the upcoming PSCR 2021 virtual event. This annual public safety broadband stakeholder meeting brings together representatives from public safety, federal agencies, industry, and academia. will have a virtual booth with video demonstrations of MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData testing:

  • New MCVideo test cases as per 3GPP TS 36.579-6, MCVideo on-demand private call in automatic commencement mode without transmission control (test 6.2.3) and elevating on-demand MCVideo private call-in automatic commencement mode with transmission control to the emergency state with subsequent canceling by the user (test 6.2.1).
  • New MCData test cases as per 3GPP TS 36.579-7, MCData one-to-one Standalone SDS Using Signalling Control Plane (test 6.1.1), MCData one-to-one SDS Session (test 6.1.9), MCData Group SDS Session (test 6.1.11), MCData group standalone file distribution (FD) using Media Plane (test 6.2.11).

Softil’s Industry Leading Client Framework for MCX

The Softil 3GPP MCX Release 16 compliant BEEHD SDK technology is the market’s predominant cross-platform SDK client framework for handheld mobile devices, dual-mode handsets, LMR/MCX gateways, control rooms, MCX testing solutions, FRMCS train terminals/cab radios, in-vehicle devices, and recording systems enabling them to quickly bring new broadband mission-critical voice and video communications over LTE and 5G solutions to market with minimum development costs.

“ is the leading developer of mission-critical testing solutions for the MCX communities,” said Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO. “BEEHD’s unique capabilities as an already commercially deployed client framework with a proven track record of interoperability both in commercial MCX service deployments and at the industry’s interoperability testing events make it the perfect fit for the’s market-leading MCX testing solution.”

“We are excited to work with Softil as part of the verification of our MCData and MCVideo test scenarios,” adds Ian Carpenter, President and CEO of “We have proven the ability of our technology to deliver a comprehensive MCX test suite to device manufacturers in public safety and other industries.”

Agile Solutions for Public Safety’s MCX test suite offers businesses an agile solution that is a first of its kind testing solution for MCX compliance.  For manufacturers, this enables the ability to be first to market, and influence the progression of the conformance suite.

Softil’s Mission Critical MCPTX/FRMCS client solution for LTE and 5G is designed for chipset vendors, device manufacturers, system integrators, application developers and service providers looking to accelerate development of IP-based Mission Critical voice and video over LTE and 5G (MCPTT, MCVideo, MCData) solutions for first responders, utilities, mining and transportation.  With Softil, Mobile Operators, Mobile Device Manufacturers and Application Developers can now offer enhanced communication tools for first responders helping them with the battle for saving and rescuing lives.


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