Imternational MCX panel IWCE 2024 (9)
April 10, 2024
IWCE 2024 Impressions – MCX Train is Departing the Station
In short, MCX is happening. In a few more words, MCX is reaching critical mass.
IWCE2023 Booth Demo
January 16, 2024
MCX Leader Softil Announces Major Presence and Activity at IWCE 2024
Event will see Softil in multiple speaking engagements, as well as live MCX deployments and cutting-edge technology/revolutionary demonstrations such as Direct Mode communications
Softil Ribbon dark background double
Enabling the Mission-Critical Communications Revolution
Welcome to the Softil Case Studies library. We are delighted to share with you success stories of companies leading this revolutionary change in mission-critical communications enabling a better world for everyone. Read the introduction to the series by Softil CEO, Pierre Hagendorf.
Some of the Softil team accepting the award
January 21, 2024
BEEHD Framework Wins Best MCX Product of the Year at International Critical Communications Awards 2023
Read why BEEHD technology was selected by the International Critical Communications Awards (ICCAs) 2023 independent judging panel as the “best MC-X product or solution of the year”.
2023 year in review post pic
January 16, 2024
Softil’s MCX Enabling Framework Became the Powerhouse of Deployed Solutions Across the Globe in 2023
A headline development was receiving the ICCA’s Accolade “Best MC-X Product of the Year”
ICCA Awards 2023
14-16 May 2024 | Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Critical Communications World 2024
Visit Softil at Stand F40 at CCW 2024 in Dubai to learn more about the award-winning BEEHD client framework for Mission Critical Communications (MCPTT/MCX) over LTE and 5G, FRMCS, as well as NG911/NG112 communication solutions.
December 19, 2023
MCX Enabler Softil Issues Annual Outlook for the Mission-Critical Communications Industry
From material increase in MCPTT usage in production MCX networks to break-through advances in 5G-Sidelink and device-to-device communication technologies, 2024 is shaping up to be an eventful year
December 13, 2023
Softil Telecom Predictions 2024
Data is the new currency and will become more profitable, group MCX communications with first responders will continue to evolve, Zero Trust architecture will make substantial advances, machine learning algorithms will become better and better, expect to see exciting developments in the satellite communications space, and 2nm technology enabling hundreds of billions of transistors on a chip to be unveiled
December 4, 2023
Live MCX Deployments: State of the Art
Softil MCX technology is in worldwide deployments on 5 MCX production networks, and counting…
November 7, 2023
Softil Announces Successful Completion of the First Interoperability Testing of Direct Mode MCX Communications at Latest ETSI Plugtest
Softil’s BEEHD Framework successfully participated in the first ever interoperability testing of 3GPP standards-based device-to-device (off-network) MCX communications using MCX devices leveraging Qualcomm’s 5G-Sidelink technology
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